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Eating day of!

I'm sure lots of girls are worried about how'll they'll look day of - I know this because I literally just copy and pasted that statement from a member of our boudoir group!

And, the choice or question of what to eat or not eat prior to or during your boudoir shoot comes up time and time again.

I’ts a great question to ask, because I know the pressure to look thin and toned for your session is real! Honestly, even the most confident of confident full figured and fabulous models want to look healthy for their photos. Notice the word healthy? Its important!

I want you to look and feel good before during and after your shoot as much as you do. But, there is a fine line between fasting, dieting, and food deprivation. But that line can start to seem awfully blurry when it comes to having your photo taken especially if you are having your photos taken in lingerie! I GET IT, babe. I really do.

But —

Starving your body of the necessary ENERGY you need to SHOW UP is not the way.
Neither is that last minute nervous trip to Jack in the Box to eat away your nerves the night before. Not that I’ve never done it before but all seriousness…

No one benefits from you feeling guilty for eating too much or too little before your boudoir session. Not you, not me, not your body, and not even your photos.

What I’m saying is —

Do Eat!

Food is fuel not your enemy. You just have to choose the Right foods. Yes?

My best advice for anyone worried about how eating might effect how they look in their photos — choose clean eating.

Whole fruits and vegetables, nuts, dried fruit, yogurts, and lean meats are a great place to start.

Do you tend to feel bloated after eating? Is it that time of the month? No worries,

here are some foods you can eat the day of your shoot that can help reduce bloating but also keep you fueled and feeling your best:

Green Tea

Ok Green tea is not a food but it leads me to the next preparation tip!


Lots of water. It seems like a given but is often overlooked. And, its so so important to stay hydrated. This is Arizona, after all.

Of course, I know everyone is different and there are plenty more tips and foods that would be an excellent source of fuel for your boudoir shoot. I encourage you to use your own best judgment and look at other resources to find food choices that work best for you!

Have more questions about how to prepare for your upcoming boudoir shoot?

Write them down and be sure to bring them up during your consultation!

Haven’t booked your shoot yet? Contact us here to begin planning your very own Gilbert, Phoenix boudoir session today!

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